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Mather Work Incentive Spick and Span Original Poster

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Step aboard the winds of motivation with this exquisite and authentic 1929 Mather work incentive poster, showcasing a captivating sailboat in full sail.

Originally crafted by the esteemed Mather Company, renowned for its series of motivational posters during the Great Depression, this artwork was specifically designed to uplift employees, instilling a profound sense of pride, productivity, and camaraderie among workers.

Emblazoned with the powerful words "Shipshape Workplace, Shipshape Results, Shipshape Record," this poster carries a timeless message that resonates through the decades. It serves as a constant reminder that an organized, disciplined workplace leads to exceptional outcomes and a remarkable record of achievements worth celebrating.

As a true collector's gem, this poster encapsulates the essence of dedication, excellence, and a shipshape work environment, making it a valuable addition to any collection.

Whether displayed in an office or a boardroom, this original 1929 Mather poster is destined to become a centerpiece of inspiration, evoking a touch of nostalgia and vintage charm. Its excellent condition ensures that this masterpiece stands the test of time, continuing to inspire and motivate for years to come. Invite the spirit of resilience and achievement into your space with this extraordinary piece of history.

  • Original Mather poster
  • Spick and Span 
  • Artist: Elmes, Willard Frederic (1900 - 1956)
  • Printer: Mather & Company, Chicago
  • Color Lithograph
  • Archival mounted on linen
  • Circa 1929
  • Size: 44 H. x 36-1/4 W.
Item # V-MP1
Original Mather Work Incentive Spick & Span Poster
Mather Work Incentive Spick and Span Original Poster Sale price$1,899.00