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Leather Head Sports Lemon Peel Ball in Glove Tan

Sale price$45.00

Handmade in limited quantities by expert craftsman Paul Cunningham, the lemon peel ball design draws its inspiration from the antique baseballs from the early 19th century. The Lemon Ball is of historic significance as it documents a noteworthy transition in baseball from a game played with a homemade toy over 200 years ago, to the precision made ball that appears in today's major leagues. Noticeably softer than a regulation baseball, original baseballs were made similar to the lemon ball and stuffed with rags. The early rules of the game allowed for "soaking," an 1800s baseball term meaning to throw the ball at the runner in order to "tag" him out (illegal after 1845).

  • Assembled in the historical accurate "lemon peel" style
  • Slightly smaller and softer than modern regulation baseballs
  • Collectable quality, but intended to withstand rigors of play
  • Will develop a beautiful patina with use
  • Made in the United States (New Jersey)