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Framed Rolex Swinging Advertisement

Sale price$899.00

 Transport yourself back to 1964, a pivotal year in horological history, with our meticulously framed original print advertisement featuring the Rolex Oyster Perpetual. Experience the seamless blend of sophistication and innovation embodied by the Rolex Self-Winding Perpetual Chronometer.

As this captivating timepiece swings gracefully into your collection, indulge in the effortless luxury it embodies. Say farewell to the meticulous winding routines of yesteryears; this Rolex is a testament to modern ingenuity. It liberates you from the demands of manual intervention—simply adorn your wrist with its timeless elegance, and it dutifully tends to itself.

Bid adieu to the customary winding rituals; this marvel of engineering derives its power from the delicate movements of your wrist. No need for elaborate swings to set it in motion; a gentle touch is all it requires to awaken its precise mechanics. Even after a hiatus, a simple pick-up suffices to reignite its rhythmic heartbeat, seamlessly blending convenience with timeless sophistication.

Museum quality archival framed with an eight ply mat, ultra violet filtering plexiglass, and elegant black wooden gallery frame.

  • Original print Rolex advertisement
  • Circa 1960s
  • Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date ref. 1500
  • Eight ply mat
  • UV filtering plexiglass
  • Black wooden frame
  • Size: 14" W. x 17" H.
Framed Rolex Swinging Advertisement
Framed Rolex Swinging Advertisement Sale price$899.00