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Framed This is the New Porsche Advertisement

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Step into the past and embrace the legacy of automotive brilliance with this museum-quality framed ad, a tribute to the 1966 Porsche 911 and 912. Preserved as a piece of art, this iconic representation marks a pivotal moment in automotive history, immortalizing Porsche's unwavering commitment to engineering perfection. Crafted for the discerning Porsche enthusiast, this framed masterpiece embodies an era where speed, precision, and the pursuit of driving perfection intertwined.

As you gaze upon this vintage ad, immerse yourself in the promise of a new generation of Porsches, born from a heritage of relentless racing and track-tested innovation. The succinct yet compelling caption, "Go ahead. Drive it. You'll  never forget it," beckons you to relive the unparalleled thrill these legendary vehicles offer. More than a mere relic, this framed advertisement stands as a portal to an era where automotive artistry and the sheer joy of driving seamlessly converged, leaving an indelible mark on enthusiasts fortunate enough to revel in its heritage. Display it proudly, and let it transport you to a time where Porsche's prowess redefined automotive excellence.

Museum quality archival framed with an eight ply mat, ultra violet filtering plexiglass, and elegant black wooden gallery frame.

  • Original advertisement for Porsche Motors
  • Porsche 911 / 912
  • Circa 1966
  • Eight ply mat
  • UV filtering plexiglass
  • Black wooden frame
  • Size: 13-3/4" W. x 16-1/2" H.

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Item # P-1966
Framed This is the New Porsche Advertisment
Framed This is the New Porsche Advertisement Sale price$895.00