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Framed Porsche Presents the 911 Advertisement

Sale price$1,299.00

Step into the nostalgic world of automotive history with this immaculate, framed original print advertisement introducing the iconic Porsche 911 from the 1960s.

This vintage piece encapsulates the essence of the era when the 911 made its debut, boasting a design ahead of its time with a rear-mounted flat-six engine. The advertisement, a testament to Porsche's innovation, proudly introduces the 911 as an evolution from the celebrated 356-C, marking the inception of a new era in sports car excellence.

The advertising marketing copy reads, "The house of Porsche presents... the new six-cylinder 911... an addition to the fabulous 356-C." It beautifully captures the excitement and anticipation surrounding the unveiling of this revolutionary addition to the Porsche family.

Through the passage of time, the 911 has seen continual enhancements while staying true to its fundamental concept, making this framed advertisement a cherished artifact embodying the timeless allure and heritage of the Porsche 911.

Museum quality archival framed with an eight ply mat, ultra violet filtering plexiglass, and elegant black wooden gallery frame.

  • Original advertisement for Porsche Motors
  • Porsche 911 
  • Circa 1963
  • Eight ply mat
  • UV filtering plexiglass
  • Black wooden frame
  • Size: 13-3/4" W. x 16-1/2" H.

Ships in 1 - 2 weeks.

Framed Porsche Presents the 911 Advertisement
Framed Porsche Presents the 911 Advertisement Sale price$1,299.00