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Framed Art Deco Chenard-Walcker Advertisement

Sale price$1,198.00

Elevate your decor with a piece of automotive history brought to life by the renowned artist Geo Ham. This exceptional vintage Art Deco car advertisement, beautifully framed and ready to adorn your space, transports you to the glamorous era of the 1930s. Geo Ham's artistic prowess shines through in this stunning illustration. With meticulous attention to detail, he has expertly portrayed a 1936 T24C Super Aigle car as it gracefully glides down rolling hills. The car, a symbol of innovation and luxury, is beautifully juxtaposed against the backdrop of the landscape, creating a visual masterpiece that epitomizes the Art Deco movement.

Whether you're a vintage car enthusiast, an art connoisseur, or simply someone who appreciates the elegance of a bygone era, this framed vintage advertisement is a captivating addition to your collection. It's a conversation starter, a timeless piece of automotive and artistic heritage, and a true testament to the enduring allure of the Art Deco movement. 

Preserved using museum quality archival framed with a peal white acid-free mat, fitted with ultra violet filtering plexiglass, and paired with an elegant black gallery frame moulding.

  • Original advertisement for Chenard-Walcker 
  • Circa 1930s
  • Eight ply mat
  • UV filtering plexiglass
  • Black wooden frame
  • Size: 15" W. x 18" H.
Item # V-1936CW
Framed Art Deco Chenard-Walcker Advertisement
Framed Art Deco Chenard-Walcker Advertisement Sale price$1,198.00