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Abercrombie & Fitch Fox Hunting Scene AshtrayAbercrombie & Fitch Fox Hunting Scene Ashtray
Vintage Bibendum Michelin Man AshtrayVintage Bibendum Michelin Man Ashtray
Vintage Eden Roc Miami Beach AshtrayVintage Eden Roc Miami Beach Ashtray
Midcentury Reiker Ski AshtrayMidcentury Reiker Ski Ashtray
Midcentury Racquet Club Miami Beach & Antibes AshtrayMidcentury Racquet Club Miami Beach & Antibes Ashtray
Sold outEloi Pernet 1835 French Five Francs Coin Cigar CutterEloi Pernet 1835 French Five Francs Coin Cigar Cutter
Vintage Sterling Double Cigar HolderVintage Sterling Double Cigar Holder
Sold outAntique Hatchet Cigar Box OpenerAntique Hatchet Cigar Box Opener
Vintage Martini Vermouth Cigar AshtrayVintage Martini Vermouth Cigar Ashtray
Herbst and Wassall Sterling Thoroughbred AshtrayHerbst and Wassall Sterling Thoroughbred Ashtray
Sold outVintage Villa d'Este Hotel Lake Como AshtrayVintage Villa d'Este Hotel Lake Como Ashtray
Sold outDunhill Silver Lift-Arm Table LighterDunhill Silver Lift-Arm Table Lighter
Vintage Brass Cowboy Hat Cigar Rest AshtrayVintage Brass Cowboy Hat Ashtray
Perfecto Cigar Trompe-l'oeil Silver Match VestaPerfecto Cigar Trompe-l'oeil Silver Match Vesta
Vintage Sterling Silver Pocket Cigar ScissorsVintage Sterling Silver Pocket Cigar Scissors
Sterling Silver Pocket Cigar ScissorsSterling Silver Pocket Cigar Scissors
Antique Sterling Cigar Scissor CutterAntique Sterling Cigar Scissor Cutter
Vintage Bermuda Crest AshtrayVintage Bermuda Crest Ashtray
Antique Silver Ballerina Cigar CutterAntique Silver Ballerina Cigar Cutter
Vintage President Kennedy White House AshtrayVintage President Kennedy White House Ashtray
Vintage Sterling Silver Cigar Holder AshtrayVintage Sterling Silver Cigar Holder Ashtray
Vintage Chase Bakelite Drum AshtrayVintage Chase Bakelite Drum Ashtray
Vintage Villa d'Este Hotel AshtrayVintage Villa d'Este Hotel Ashtray
Sold outVintage Silver Claridge's Hotel London AshtrayVintage Silver Claridge's Hotel London Ashtray
Vintage Brass Pipe Match Holder AshtrayVintage Brass Pipe Match Holder Ashtray
WWII Fairchild C-82 Packet Airplane AshtrayWWII Fairchild C-82 Packet Airplane Ashtray
Midcentury Streamlined "Batmobile" AshtrayMidcentury Streamlined "Batmobile" Ashtray
Vintage Bermuda Island Souvenir AshtrayVintage Bermuda Island Souvenir Ashtray